Ditch Your Summer Clutter

By: Joshua Campbell

Ditch Your Summer Clutter

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Fall is upon us! With the kids heading back to school and the cool weather approaching, it’s time to get our homes ready for the upcoming season. The best way to do that is to ditch the summer clutter we have been collecting. Here are four helpful tips to get you started.

#1 Start With The Closets
The closet is the best place to start when it comes to cleaning up. The best approach is to take everything out and go through each piece individually. Put back the items you often wear and start trying on the clothes you don’t. If you are tight for closet space, consider moving your summer clothes to storage to allow room for your winter and fall attire.
#2 Clean Up The Garage
During the summer, the garage is home to everything from gardening gear to sports equipment. Take a weekend to pull everything out, maybe sweep the dust and dirt out, and see what you still need for the remainder of the season. Whatever you don’t need for the Fall or winter, tuck it away in the basement or shed.
#3 Freshen Up The Kitchen
Did you entertain quite a bit over the summer? Odds are the kitchen might need a bit of a clean-up. Empty your cupboards, shelves and pantry and check what is still good and what needs to go. You might be surprised by how many expired products you have lying around.
#4 Donate Old Toys
At the end of the summer, you might have noticed some toys the kids are no longer playing with that are just collecting dust in the corner. Now is the time to give them a clean and potentially donate them to Goodwill or Value Village.
Now is the best time for Fall decluttering! Use these four tips as a guide to help you get started. If you are looking for a new space to call home or are thinking of selling this Fall, please give me a call.




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