Curb Appeal With A New Driveway

By: Joshua Campbell

Curb Appeal With A New Driveway

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Your driveway is one of the most overlooked improvements that can be made when you are preparing to sell your home.  It’s not only a highly practical aspect of your home, but it’s the current state that will also greatly impact your curb appeal. There are many options out there and they all have their pros and cons.  Here are a few options to consider if you’re getting ready to re-do your driveway.

1) Concrete

Concrete driveways are extremely popular due to their clean look and maintainability.  Concrete driveways are not only sturdy but also have a long lifespan.  Stamped concrete can add a beautiful design to what would otherwise be a flat surface. The downsides to concrete driveways though are that they can be quite costly and stain easily.  Liquids like oil and grease can quickly ruin the look of a concrete driveway.
2) Asphalt
Asphalt is one of the most common types of the driveway due to its affordability and clean look.  A freshly finished asphalt driveway can be spotted from a mile away and old Asphalt can be inexpensively freshened up by sealing it.  This can be done by the homeowner and is very DIY friendly.  The downsides to asphalt are mostly due to climate.  In our colder Canadian temperatures, water can seep into the asphalt and freeze, expanding and causing cracks and eventually potholes…anyone who has driven on an Ontario road would recognize this.  Asphalt can also be eaten away by oil stains, causing the tar and stone to breakdown and cause weakness in that area.
3) Interlock
Interlock is one of the most attractive styles of the driveway and it usually includes your walkways and front steps.  It has a very high curb appeal and a long life span.  It is important, however, to note that interlock is not maintenance free!  Gaps between stones are usually filled with sand that needs to be topped up every now and again and a poorly maintained driveway is identified from weeds growing up from between the stones.  Interlock is also very expensive due not only to the product itself, but the massive labour to install as well.
4) Gravel
Although not the most attractive choice, gravel is highly practical and inexpensive.  It is ideal for rural properties or very long driveways and is very DIY friendly.  One downside is quite obvious that it rates low in the curb appeal department.  Another negative to keep in mind is the loss of material due to snow removal in the wintertime.  After a couple of winters, you could find yourself having to top up the material once again.
5) Recycled Glass
Yes, this is a thing.  Although not often used residentially, it is becoming an eco-friendly option.  Recycled glass pieces are manufactured to have rounded edges (for obvious reasons) and are similar in size to a small pebble.  They are mixed with resin binders to achieve a uniform installation.  The texture afterwards is not entirely smooth, but many colour options are available.  It has a long lifespan and is eco-friendly.  The downside to this product is that it is not easily available in every marketplace and can be expensive.
6) Dirt
Dirt is the cheapest material for building a driveway. Dirt driveways require very little maintenance and are easy to install. However, like gravel, dirt has almost no visual appeal and provides almost no curb appeal to a home.  You will also lose surface material due to weather and dirt can cause a muddy mess during times of heavy rain or snow melting.
Nowadays, there are many options out there for driveway materials.  If you’re wondering which option would be best in your neighbourhood, get in touch with us and we will help you out!
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