Can The Suburbs Make You Live Longer?

By: Joshua Campbell

Can The Suburbs Make You Live Longer?

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Many believe that living in the suburbs leads to an improvement in their quality of life.  Urban vs Suburban living has become a choice of lifestyle and often is an indicator of one’s age and demographic.  Those who chose to live in a busy city are stereotypically YUPPIES or DINKS.  Do you remember these acronyms?  YUPPIES stands for ‘Young Urban Professional’ and DINKS stands for ‘Double Income No Kids.’  These terms were coined in the ’80s to describe highly paid individuals in their childbearing years with fashionable lifestyles and sought-after careers. These types of people were not known to buy detached homes in the suburbs but rather condos in the city.
There is a different story that lies on the outskirts of the high-rises and bright lights, the ‘suburbs.’  This is where your social life went to ‘die’ when you got married and had kids…but guess what?  You are healthier and happier for it!  Here’s how:

1. Air Quality: 

We all may have to sit in traffic sometimes going to and from your work BUT, the suburbs have less air pollution (and less noise pollution!) both of which can contribute less enjoyable commute and health problems.  When you come home to the suburbs, you can breathe just a little deeper knowing that the air up here is quite nice!
2. Crime and Poverty Rates:

Although crime and poverty are everywhere, they are far less predominant in the suburbs than in the big cities.  This is mostly a numbers game though as any large city with more people will lead to larger crime rates.

3. Easier access to Nature and Walking Trails: 

Toronto, for example, has some beautiful park spaces BUT nothing compares to the (literally) hundreds of walking trails and parks in York Region.  Also, do not forget that York Region is surrounding by the Greenbelt which offers views of the countryside by stepping just a few minutes outside town.
4. It’s Better for The Kids:

The suburbs offer many more sports and extra-curricular opportunities for kids as well as more open green spaces that can be just steps from your door.  With the hustle and bustle of the city, one can only imagine how far in advance of a baseball game a family must leave in order to get there on time.  This extra stress and waste of time could be spent practicing at the field J
5. Neighbourhoods are a ‘thing’:

For those who live in the suburbs, they are afforded opportunities to make friendships and build a great sense of community.  Whether it’s greeting someone at the community mailbox or making a friend at the park, either way, the suburbs allow for a more relaxed environment to chat with others while gardening, shovelling snow or talking on the side-walk to passersby. 
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