Building a Quality Client Experience

By: Trish Riswick

Building a Quality Client Experience

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Regardless of what your business is: your customers should always be a top priority. Building meaningful and quality long term relationships is the foundation of any business that looks to be around for years to come. Businesses that are built on a transactional basis are constantly seeking to find new customers as most only do business with them once. Making sure your clients feel special and appreciated is what keeps you #1 in their minds. This week, we discuss the three parts to perfecting your client experience. As always you can listen here or read on to see highlights from this week's episode. 
Building Lasting Client Relationships 
Whether in person or over the web, you have the ability to impact your customers in both positive and negative ways. We consider the initial client interaction the most important as it speaks values for the entire working relationship. Small things such as making eye contact, listening attentively and asking questions can go along way during the first communication. During the first few minutes, clients will form a lifelong opinion that will impact your entire working relationship. 
Here are a few more ways to build a strong client relationship from the get-go:

These are just a few ways to make a substantial first impression. In different industries, some options may seem more doable than others. But this is your opportunity to customize some of these ideas and search for resources to help improve your interactions.  
Building A Personalized Client Experience
Now that you have built a strong foundation for your client relationship, expand your knowledge into personalizing each client's touch. Whether you are online or in-store, you can do this. For example, look at Canon. They have an online quiz that each customer can take to determine the perfect camera for them. Alternatively, in-store, they have highly knowledgeable sales associates ready to help you. In both ways, Canon is personalizing and learning what the specific needs and wants are for their customers. 
Not every customer is the same and thus should be treated uniquely. From five-minute interactions to maintaining long term relationships, here are some of the ways you can personalize your client experience. 
Our Secret Weapon
Once you have a customized experience underway, it’s time to perfect it and there’s only one person for the job. A client experience manager! As the name implies, a client experience manager is tasked with improving and creating new ways to interact with clients. Besides offering unbeatable customer service, they can also do the following: 

Six months ago, Knowledge Broker hired its first Client Experience Manager, Jaimie. From experience, we can speak highly about the impact Jaimie has had on our entire company and our customers. She embodies the mentioned qualities and even more. If you truly want to perfect your client's experience, look no further than hiring a client experience manager. 
At the end of the day, your clients should be your number #1 priority. Their opinions and feedback are what keep you in business. Offering them the highest quality of service not only speaks volumes about you but your entire organization. 
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