7 Tips To Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

By: Joshua Campbell

7 Tips To Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

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 What is the first thing people see when they visit your home? Well, the front of your house of course! If your front yard isn’t up to par when it comes time to sell, potential home buyers might look at the rest of your house through tinted glasses, wondering if there are other areas you have left unattended. To avoid this situation and to impress buyers instantly, here are 7 tips on how to spruce up your curb appeal!
1. Trim Trees and Shrubs
If your front lawn has lush trees and shrubs, you need to make sure they are properly trimmed and shaped. If they are unkempt, potential buyers will think they are hard to manage and will not want to take on the extra work. Plus you want your house in full view. Give your hedges a quick flat top trim and prune your trees back a little to let prospective buyers see the full picture.
2. Add A Pop Of Colour
The best way to ensure your house stands out on the street and online is to add a pop of colour. Go big and bold and upgrade or paint your front door and garage doors or for something smaller, plant some colourful flowers. If gardening isn’t your thing you could also purchase a big flower planter to go next to the garage or front door. This small touch will have a big impact on buyers who are viewing your house in person or online.
3. Get Out the Power Washer
The power washer is our best friend in the spring. It washes away the winter dust and dirt and leaves our driveway and walkways looking good as new. Plus it will help to reveal any cracks in the concrete which we need to reseal. We would recommend giving your back deck or front porch a wash to really impress buyers.
4. Upgrade Your Walkway
If your walkway is a boring collection of concrete slabs, cracked or broken tile, or even sunken or uneven it’s time to upgrade. Assess the situation and what needs to be fixed. If it’s just a matter of replacing tiles you can easily and inexpensively do that yourself. However, if the damage is larger we would recommend getting a professional to help you out.
5. Shine Some New Light
Day or night you want to impress buyers, and if they happen to stop by later in the day you still want them to enjoy your house. Replacing your porch light, adding a light above the garage, or even adding a small post light to your walkway are small upgrades that make a big impact.
6. Clean Your Windows
One of the simplest ways to improve your outdoor curb appeal is just by cleaning the outside of your windows. We often forget how much dirt, dust, and debris can attach to the outside of the windows. You will be able to clean most of the windows by yourself with the power washer but for the tough to reach areas we would recommend hiring a professional.
7. Update Your House Number
It’s such a simple fix but one you probably didn’t even think about! Updating your house number to something more modern or bold can really impact your curb appeal. It’s a small touch that even your neighbours will notice when it’s done nicely.
We are always happy to put you in touch with some of our preferred partners who specialize in a number of these renovations. If you have any more questions about your curb appeal or the current real estate market please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

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