7 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Job

By: Trish Riswick

7 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Job

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In every person’s life, there comes a time when you need to take the ‘professional leap of faith’. Perhaps because you hate your job or because you are pivoting and looking to grow in a new industry. Regardless, moving towards a new position is exciting yet intimidating. If you are considering a change in our career, this week we are breaking down the four quadrants of work and how you can find a job that you love and are good at. 
As always, you can listen here or read on to see some of the highlights from our discussion. 
What Are the Four Quadrants of Work?  
The four quadrants consider your skill and enjoyment level of the tasks that you complete daily at work. They indicate the type of role that corresponds with the description. It is our goal to always be working within the first quadrant. Here is the breakdown.
1st Ideal Job: You're great at it and you love to do it
2nd Dead End Job: You're great at it but you dislike doing it
3rd Hobby: You're bad at it but you love to do it
4th Torture: You're bad at it and you dislike doing it
If you reflect on your past jobs, you will notice you have probably been in one or more of these quadrants before. For me, I recognized my first job as a cashier would have placed me in 4th quadrant. Josh recognized his job as a baker at Tim Horton’s landed him in the 2nd quadrant. 
Neither of these positions was one that we wanted to pursue a career with. None the less, it was a true reminder that our career is one of only a few things that we really get to decide on so it’s important that we find align ourselves with the one we love and are skilled in.
How Do You Find Your Perfect Job? 
At times throughout your career, you may find yourself no longer loving what you do. To move back to the right quadrant, follow these 7 steps. 
1. Make Two Lists 
Start with a list of the things that inspire you. Things that you enjoy doing, participating in or that your good at. This list should be very mundane yet specific. For example, if you love making decadent lattes, write that down. 
The second list to prepare will include all the things you enjoy with your current job. 
What you are looking for here are the overlaps. For example, I was able to identify that editing videos fall into my first list and my second. That tells me that I need to find a job that pays me to edit videos. 
Starting with a personal reflection of your activities such as illustrated in this example will give you a clear idea of what your perfect job might include. 
2. Eliminate Money from The Equation 
Obviously, money is important and a requirement for our lifestyle but when it comes to a career, it shouldn’t be your deciding factor. So many people find themselves in quadrant 2 or 4 because their pay was a deciding factor. 
If you want a job that provides you with both happiness and money, you need to find a job you would literally do for free. We volunteer for free because we feel helpful and personally rewarded. Why shouldn’t we apply this same logic to our paid jobs? 
3. Take A Trip 
If it is feasible, this is the tip that I would recommend the most. Coming from my experience, I know the significance of taking a few weeks off. Both Josh and I have taken a few months off at a time to clear our minds and remove ourselves from the day to day grind. 
Whether it be a few weeks or months removing yourself from your environment can feel like a complete restart. It allows you with the necessary downtime to reflect on what is important to you and your goals. 
Once you touch back down to your regular life, you will have a much clearer vision.

  1. Be Realistic and Work Twice as Hard 
If you really like cooking Thai food but have never worked in a restaurant, are you really qualified to open a Thai restaurant? Be realistic when taking the plunge into a new career or position. Many times, people will dive into a position they know little about and the outcome is usually disappointing.
When you find a position that you love and your good at, you will feel the need to work twice as hard. This is the time to prove to yourself that you belong there and that you made the right choice. 
5. Find A Mentor and Supportive People 
You can’t succeed without surrounding yourself with supportive people. Making a big change will result in other people’s opinions but it doesn’t have to. Find specific people that want to see you happy and successful. Don’t necessarily look towards friends or family as they often will judge your choice.  
If you feel like you have no one on your side, seek out someone who was in your shoes. Find a role model or person who inspires you daily. If possible, reach out to them and ask them questions and for advice. 
Josh advises that you look for people outside your field. When you pick people in the same industry, you will only watch them for training. You might also start to compare yourself to them. It’s best to look for someone that can even learn from you so that synergies can be created. 
  1. Understand You Don’t Know Everything 

Nothing in this world was meant to stay the same, therefore you must be prepared for change. Something you might be comfortable with will end up being something you need to learn all over again. Everything from tasks to job protocols and the process will change. View these changes as learning opportunities to branch out from what you already know. 
If you believe you’d be able to do your job better with more education or guidance, look for online classes or professional coaching. These are future opportunities to leverage your knowledge and experience. 
7. Be Patient 
Get in the right mindset and realize that things take time. Your dream job will not manifest itself one random afternoon. You need to take the time to reflect on who you are and what your professional goals are. Work and look for opportunities that will lead you to the job that you love and are specifically good at. 
I think the biggest take away for me is that I am always updating my resume in the back of my mind. Each job should teach you more about the fields that you are already good at. New jobs and tasks should offer you new skills. Enjoy the journey. Finding your perfect job will not only fulfill your professional goals but also your personal ones as well.

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