6 Ways to Freshen Your Interior

By: Joshua Campbell

6 Ways to Freshen Your Interior

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It’s easy to find ourselves busy with work and life that we start to neglect and update the space we’re in the most: our home. It’s important to love what is around you and for it to bring you joy. Give your space the boost it needs with these six simple steps.

  1. Compartmentalize Your Space – For most people, their house is a functioning office, gym, classroom, workshop and 24-hour restaurant. Despite every room having a clear function sometimes we have to get creative with how we use each space. The best way to do this is to keep similar things together and group them in each room. For example, if your bedroom is also your gym, keep your treadmill and weights to one side and your closet on the other.
  1. Add Pops of Colour – Painting is a cheaper way to elevate your space. Looking for something classic? Go neutral. Looking to stand out? Try painting your ceiling a rich, bold colour and your walls something simple.
  1. Declutter – This is an overused but underrated word that makes all the difference. While spending more time at home you might start to realize how much junk is lying around your house. Go through your stuff and throw out what you don’t need. You’ll be surprised at the space you find.
  1. A Fresh Scent – A little scent can make all the difference. Purchase a diffuser that can help transform your space into every season or mood you desire.  Wood-based scents like cedar and frankincense help to ground you. Incense is used to help with concentration and meditation and lavender are used to help you sleep. If you’re not a fan of essential oils, candles and air fresheners can also do wonders for space.
  1. Greenery – Plants not only make a space look great, but they also provide health benefits like adding oxygen to your home. If you weren’t blessed with the green thumb, try low-maintenance plants like succulents.
  1. Add light! – Not just any light – natural light. Open the curtains you normally leave closed and let the sun in.

Freshening up doesn’t have to be stressful. Start with smaller tasks first before trying to tackle the bigger things. Devote some time on the weekend or maybe even one evening after work and get started!
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