6 Sounds That Could Signal A Problem With Your House

By: Joshua Campbell

6 Sounds That Could Signal A Problem With Your House

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Have you ever been watching TV downstairs alone and heard a weird thump coming from the upstairs bedroom? And while you creep up the stairs to see that it was nothing, you hear an odd rush of water coming from below the floors?
A home often makes strange noises, but most can be easily explained. Homes expand and contract at different rates, causing friction that results in the normal spooky sounds. However, there are six noises that you should not be hearing.
#1 Scratching Sound From Behind The Walls
If you are hearing a scratching sound from a place no human or pet could access, you probably don’t have ghosts, but you might have mice, squirrels or bats. Some animals can carry viruses’, diseases or chew through electrical wires causing fires. As soon as you suspect a pest, set out traps or call a pro.
#2 Running Water
FYI if you are alone in the house and the washing machine and dishwasher are off, you should not be hearing running water. What this could be is a busted pipe in a wall or under the floor. If you are hearing running water when you shouldn’t, turn off the mainline and listen for the noise to go away. If it does, you have a leak. Unless you are a trained plumber, please leave this one to the professionals.
#3 Furnace is Making A Sucking Sound
The problem might be is an issue with your filter. If a filter hasn’t been changed your furnace will try to pull in air from around it. It may start to suck in exhaust gases from the furnace into the house. Depending on your conditions, consider installing clean filters every 3 months to monthly.
#4 Squeaky Floors
Squeaking or creaking floors are a common house noise, but if your notice a low point in your squeaky floor, it may mean termites. Assessing the cause for a squeaky floor takes a bit of detective work. We would recommend calling in the professionals for this one.
#5 Tapping Noise From The Dishwasher
When the dishwasher is running and you hear a tapping noise, it might signal a clog. Dishwashers can easily be clogged with debris, making it tough for water to flow, causing the tapping noise. To fix the problem, you will need to clean the drain hose. This can be done by an experienced DIYer or a professional plumber.
#6 Whistling Windows
Are your windows keeping you up all night? Not only is this incredibly annoying but it’s a huge energy waster. It means you have worn weatherstripping or your windows aren’t quite fitting right. If the windows are also rattling, then there is usually something bumping into another part of the window system. This rattling could eventually lead to cracks in the glass.  Weatherstripping is an easy DIY project that most homeowners can tackle, but for major cracks, you may need to consider replacing the window.
Now, the next time you hear an odd noise in your house, think if it might be one of these problems. If not, it could be a common house sound. But if these sounds have you concerned about potential intruders, here's a list of six great security features you can add to your house.

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