6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To A New City

By: Joshua Campbell

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To A New City

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Moving to a new city can be a fresh start, a bold new adventure or a great opportunity. Whether for a new job or a new life, moving certainly will have its ups and downs. Before you move or pick your new city ask yourself these 6 questions. They will hopefully allow you to think carefully and consider all possibilities about your fresh start.
#1 Can I Afford It?      
Obviously, the budget is always an area of concern. But when it comes to moving, it needs to be at the top of your mind. Moving costs, in general, can be expensive but so can the housing market. Before you move look at your current assets and how much your current home roughly will sell for. Then, look at the new city you want to move to. Could you afford a property there? If not, maybe look to the outer regions of the city.
#2 Do I Know Anyone There?
If you are moving to a new job you will hopefully be able to make friends quickly within your company. But if you are moving for a fresh start ask yourself if it’s important that you know anyone there or close by. In case of an emergency, it might be wise to have one connection in the area.
#3 What Neighbourhood Should I Live In?
Before you move, it’s important to identify what areas are good and which areas are bad. Good meaning safe, secure, and clean. Good might also mean easy to commute to and from, stores and entertainment close by and any amenities that are important to you. Contact a local real estate agent in the area you are thinking about moving too. They will be your number one resource for identifying what neighbourhood is best for you and your budget.  
#4 What’s the Job Market Like?
If you are not moving for a new job, it’s important to scout out the job market ahead of time. Are there new opportunities popping up every day or is it static? Are there currently jobs available in your field of work? Can you transfer your existing job to the new city? These are all important avenues to look into before making the decision to move.
#5 Can I Bring My Car? What Will My Commute Be Like?
Large cities are notoriously known for not being car-friendly. Smaller cities are the opposite. If you currently have a vehicle and have full intention of bringing it with you when you move, do your research on how car-friendly your new city is. If you are moving for a new job look at where your job is located and then ask yourself, is a car worth it? Most cities have excellent public transportation or bike lanes. Or perhaps you could just walk. 
#6 What Will I Gain From Moving? What Will I Lose?
Moving is a big decision, especially if it means moving further away from loved ones and friends. It may mean leaving a secure job and daily routine. But maybe that’s exactly what you need. Maybe you need a chance to go at it alone or try something new. The chance to meet new people and have new experiences.
If you are thinking of moving don’t let you “what ifs?” be fear-based. Let your “what ifs?” be your motivation to embrace this new opportunity. At Knowledge Broker, we have your back 100% and want to help you achieve your dreams.
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