6 Home Security Ideas To Avoid Getting Spooked This Halloween (Or Any Day)

By: Joshua Campbell

6 Home Security Ideas To Avoid Getting Spooked This Halloween (Or Any Day)

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Happy Halloween, everyone! As the spookiest night of the year approaches, we wanted to share some of our best home security ideas. On the big night, the only thing that should be making you jump is your favourite scary movie, not a potential burglar.
#1 Motion Detector Lighting 
These devices are not only helpful but are inexpensive. As the name suggests, they are motion-activated, automatically shut off, with long battery life and a wide coverage area. They are perfect for extra security over doorways, garages, decks, sheds and even on trees.
#2 Window and Door Alarms
For those who do not have a professionally installed and monitored system, these devices make staying safe simple. Easily attached to windows and doors, some models will trigger an alarm sound if opened. Other models (from companies like Ring), will send your smart device a notification when a door or window has been opened.
#3 Reinforced Hardware
While some burglars know how to pick a lock, others might be able to gain access to your house with a strong kick, body slam or even a crowbar. Another cheap way to add extra safety to your doors is by installing a lock and door reinforcer. These solid tools reinforce weak spots on metal and wood doors. Plus, they are easy to install.
#4 Deadbolt Flip Guard
Even amateur thieves can pick a lock or flip a deadbolt. Stop them in their tracks with a deadbolt flip guard. This device holds the deadbolt firmly in place so the door can’t open. It fits over the lock and keeps it from turning and letting your unwanted guests entrance.
#5 Extra Patio Door Security
Many of our patio doors only come with one lock. While they are a little more complicated to break into, robbers with glass cutters might be able to cut a wide enough hole to reach for the lock. If they get to this point, it’s great to have extra security in place to stop the door from opening. A bar between the door and doorframe works well but can get in the way. An easy foot-operated patio door lock works well too.
#6 Do not leave your garage opener in the car
Can you believe something so simple could be what gets a thief easy access to your house or your belongings? Cars are simple to break into when they are left outside overnight, especially in empty parking lots. Thieves can easily take your garage opener and check the vehicle for your registration card, giving them your address. It is safer to switch to a keychain remote or start carrying your clicker with you when you leave your car unattended for hours.
This Halloween, do not be spooked by break-ins or bumps in the night. Instead, install some of these easy devices to give you peace of mind all year long. If you are interested in boosting your home security, please give us a call. We would be happy to put you in touch with our trusted alarm and security experts.

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