5 Ways To Make Your Home Teen Friendly

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Ways To Make Your Home Teen Friendly

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We all know what it’s like to be a teen and feel like we don’t have a space to call our own. If adolescent angst is alive and well in your house, you might be looking for a way to keep the teen sass at bay. Do not try and be the cool parents (teens will see right through that) but instead create a home your teens and their friends can feel comfortable in. Unless you do not want any teens in your home (in that case do the opposite of this blog!)
#1 Let Them Have A Bedroom Make Over
If they are still sleeping in a room with teddy bears or puppy dogs on their walls, and sleeping under babyish duvet covers, it might be time for a bedroom make-over. If you are not worried about selling your home any time soon, let them pick the colour. It might be scary letting your son or daughter paint their room in bright or dark colour while the rest of the house is very neutral but remember this is their space.
Perhaps even ask them to collect some pictures off Pinterest or Instagram so you can get a sense of the vibe or aesthetic they want.
#2 Add Bedroom Seating
Your teen’s room is no longer for sleeping and playing in. It’s now a safe space for them to hang out with their friends. Adding a window seat, sofa or even a couple of bean bags creates a more inviting spot for your teen’s guest to sit down.
#3 Give Them Something To Do
The ideal situation would be to give them something to do inside and outside. For outside entertainment, you could go as big as a pool or as small as a basketball net. For the inside, consider a ping pong table or even a game console.
#4 Give Them A Place To Unleash Their Talents
If you start to notice you have a musician in the family or an artist in the making, give them space at home to explore these talents. You may need to give up half of the garage, or an extra room in the basement, but you’ll be happy all that noise or paint is limited to one area of the house.
#5 Create an Outdoor Escape
A great way to get your kids outside is to make the outside more enticing. Create a relaxing teen oasis with hammocks, sunbeds, or a campfire to give them some personal space.
Teens like having a space to call their own. By offering it up easily, you’ll be the parent of the year. Also don’t forget to have teen-friendly snacks on hand, like salsa and chips. Teens can be scary, but a hungry teenager is downright frightening!

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