5 Tips To Successfully Move With A Baby or Toddler

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Tips To Successfully Move With A Baby or Toddler

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Moving, in general, can be challenging but moving with a baby or a toddler can be downright difficult. There are many steps parents have to take to ensure a safe, smooth, and stable transition for their child and themselves. Here are 5 tips to successfully make this transition.
1. Pack Your Baby’s Stuff Last
As tempting as it might be to start packing your child’s toys first (you know, the loud ones), it’s important that you hold off until a day or so before you move. There are so many reasons why it’s important to wait but the most important is this, you do not want to re-pack. Babies are unpredictable and if you do not have everything they might need at your fingertips, just know the one thing you packed will turn out to be the one thing you need.
2. Hire Help
On moving day we recommend either asking a friend, family member or hiring a babysitter to watch your child for the day. Not only will this help keep them safe from harm but it will also help you keep you sane. With one less thing to worry about you will be able to focus your attention on the house and everything that is going in or out of it.
3. Bring a Pack n’ Play
A Pack n’ Play or a Pack n’ Go is a great asset when moving with a baby or toddler for several reasons. The first is they can act as a portable crib which will come in handy your first night in the new house. The second is they can keep your little one contained while you unpack all your stuff. Other things that are great to either unpack first or just to bring with you are high chairs or bouncy seats. Anything that keeps your baby or toddler in one place.
4. Set Up The Nursery First
While you have your child occupied in the Pack n’ Play, high chair, or bouncy seat, set up the nursery first. Getting everything assembled and organized ensures your baby has a designated area that is safe, away from the rest of the mess, and filled with all their toys.
5. Baby Proof
As soon as you move in you need to think about the two baby troublesome areas: electrical outlets and windows with cords. Once you have sorted these two things, you’re good to start unpacking the nursery and the rest of your stuff. Just remember as you unpack to keep potentially dangerous packing material away from your infant.
While moving with a baby or toddler remember that they do not understand what is going on. That’s why it is important to keep them away from the chaos that can be moving day. If they see you stressed they might react to that. So remember to ask for help, wait till the last possible minute to pack your child’s things up, and unpack their stuff first.
If you have any more questions about moving with a baby or toddler or if you have questions about buying a new property, please reach out to me at any time.

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