5 Tips To Improve Curb Appeal During The Winter Months

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Tips To Improve Curb Appeal During The Winter Months

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While you may not spend as much time outdoors during the cold, winter months, it does not mean that your home should be left in poor condition.  In fact, you can still have a stunning home with outstanding curb appeal despite the dreary weather.  Here are just five tips to improve your home’s curb appeal during the winter months.

Shovelling your driveway and all major walking pathways is not only a convenience for your family members and guests, but it improves the look of your home.  It helps make your home look better maintained—which potential buyers look for if you are in the market to sell your home.

2. Remove All Unnecessary Items


Just like too many items will make a room appear cluttered and small, leaving too many unnecessary items outside can become an instant eyesore.  Rather than store bikes, pieces of equipment, toys, etc., from sitting next to your house or covering your yard, put them in a shed or your garage.  This not only makes the exterior of your home look nicer, but it makes you look like a more organized person as well.

3. Focus on Your Front Entryway


What does your front entryway look like?  Is it dirty and covered in debris?  Does it have any décor items or maybe too many accessories?  Your front entryway is one of the first impressions that potential home buyers and guests will receive from your home.  If this area is worn down, dirty, and bland, they won’t care to see the remainder of your home.  But, if this area is updated and well decorated, it creates an immediate impression.  Consider painting or replacing your front door, lay down a new “welcome” mat, hang a wreath on the door, and sweep regularly to remove all excess dirt and debris.

4. Check the Lighting


Something as simple as updating the exterior light fixtures around your home can make a big difference to the look of your property.  Spend time checking out each exterior light fixture, particularly those in your front entryway. A nice pendant light or gorgeous fixture can not only make this area brighter but more design-friendly as well.
Also, check to ensure that all outside lights work and replace all old lightbulbs.  If the exterior of your home is too dark, you may consider installing additional lights outside as well, particularly motion sensors as they will enhance your home’s security as well.

5. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting may not be a chore on your to-do list over the winter, but a fresh coat of paint can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal.  Apply a fresh coat of paint around your doors and windows.  Paint your shutters and any accents on your home.  Keep in mind that during the winter, there is very little to hide the flaws in your home so a fresh coat of paint can pop out and capture the eye of all your guests.

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