5 Things To Say To Scare Your Real Estate Agent

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Things To Say To Scare Your Real Estate Agent

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When you are in the business to help clients buy and sell prosperities, it goes without saying that emotions run high. Real estate agents train themselves to stay level-headed in order to help navigate clients through their largest investments. However, sometimes clients can say things that send a wave of fear through even the most composed agents. To celebrate Halloween, we thought we would create a list of the 5 scariest things clients could say to their real estate agent.

  1. “My Siblings, Friends Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles Want to Come to See The House” 
“They’re here.” It’s normal for homebuyers to want a second opinion, but when they start asking for a third, fourth, fifth and a sixth opinion, that’s when real estate agents start screaming. When clients start asking for multiple home showings it starts to take up a lot of the agent’s time and energy. Also, by the time your entire family comes through the property, it might be too late to make an offer.
  1. “We Want To Stay During The Open House” 
Picture Michael Myers lurking behind a door – that’s how buyers feel when sellers are at an open house. Every real estate agent dreads hearing this statement because clients who stay during open houses often do more harm than good. Potential buyers tend to feel uncomfortable, do not ask any questions and leave very quickly.  
  1. “I Just Quit My Job”
Buying a home is a big investment that requires money, a loan and some form of security. When clients decide to quit their jobs before finalizing on a house, banks can retract their loans faster than you can say "Here's Johnny!" If you are intending to start a new career, let your agent know and try to arrange the switch before getting a loan from the bank or after you’ve bought the house.
  1. “I Want This, This and That… But I Only Want To Pay This” 
You’re going to need a bigger…budget. Clients want to get the best deal possible. But, when they are shown houses in their price range that have none of their wants, they tend to take it out on the agent. Unfortunately, the house gods do not always provide exactly what you want at the budget you need. Sometimes you need to compromise. Clients who do not want to usually end up waiting a long time for a new house. 
  1. “Thanks For All Your Help But My Friend Is A Real Estate Agent”

Be afraid, be very afraid...of people who pull this trick. After spending hours communicating with clients, creating marketing plans, and pulling listings to show them, the last thing a real estate agent wants to hear is that you’re going to work with someone else. People tend to do this when comparing agents or when trying to get a better deal on commission costs.
Being a real estate agent comes with its share of ups and downs. This business is all about relationships and maintaining them. The main reason why clients might say these things is because there is a lack of respect or trust for the agent they are working with. We want our clients to trust us and work with us as a partnership versus an agent-client relationship. Working with a real estate agent shouldn’t be like having a nightmare on Elm Street.
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