5 Simple Design Tips To Update An Old Cottage

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Simple Design Tips To Update An Old Cottage

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Having a recreational property or a cottage is one of life’s little pleasures. Cottages are perfect for making memories, spending time with family and enjoying nature. They are especially great if you’ve had them in your family for a long time. While most cottages embrace a certain rustic charm there comes a point when rustic might just be old. Here are 5 simple ways to update an old cottage.
#1 Declutter
You have probably spent years collecting furniture, books, games, pictures or even pillows that now take up space in your cottage. The best way to update your space is to donate or throw things out that no longer serve you. If something has sentimental value but no use, head to Pinterest or YouTube and see if it can be repurposed. You’ll find decluttering will also help make your space feel larger and cleaner.
#2 Replace Your Windows
Over the years you may have needed to repair a window or two but, likely, you’ve never had them replaced. Now is the time! Replace your windows with newer, energy-efficient frames that let the light spill in. You now also have the opportunity to add more airflow and circulation to your space which is beneficial on hot summer nights.
#3 Add A Fresh Coat of Paint
A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to an older cottage, by breathing a new and brighter life into the interior. Especially on the ceiling. We know you might love that pine ceiling, but you wouldn’t believe how beautiful and spacious your rooms can feel if you paint it white.
#4 Update Your Linens
If you have been using the same sheets and duvet for the last decade it might be time for a change. Not only because of their age but because they are fresh and new. It is a simple way to feel like you’ve updated a bedroom.
#5 Add More Lights
Without overhead lighting, older cottages can feel dark and dingy once the sun sets. You probably have a lot of lamps, which is a good start but they do take up space. Of course, you could opt for pot lights but you could also find one of the many DIY tutorials on how to fake hanging lights. Click here to see how you can install a faux sconce light. You can also find some puck lights that are remote control for easier turn-on capabilities!
You may also want to consider getting some older furniture replaced or reupholstered to freshen up your area. Either way, this is your cottage so it’s okay if it feels a little old, that’s one of its attributes. If you have any more questions about a second property or you need a few more ways to liven your space up, please get in touch!
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