5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Be Your Biggest Asset In Real Estate

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Be Your Biggest Asset In Real Estate

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One of the biggest impacts COVID-19 had on the world was on social media. Brands took to social commerce like never before, enhancing their client experience from brand awareness to sales.
In real estate, we have seen the shift as well. Social media has become a powerful tool for realtors, buyers and sellers. Realtors can see listings on social before they are on MLS, and buyers and sellers can find reputable agents from a Facebook ad.
These are five more ways social media is an incredible asset when buying or selling a home:
#1 Access To An Extended Database: Posting listings to social media accounts starts to get the initial word out. Not everyone is in the market, but one of your followers or your agent's followers might know someone who is. If a house piques their interest enough from photos and videos, they can share the post instantly to friends, family or clients.
#2 Engagement: Compared to print media, social media has like, comment and share buttons. Plus, multitudes of apps and websites where buyers can view your listing. Your agent can track and measure how your listing is performing and set a target audience by age and location. Now a property can be marketed more specifically to the perfect buyer.
#3 Availability - No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can view listings, photos, virtual tours, videos and more. There are no limitations to the accessibility of listings! If a  listing was only published to real estate websites, you might miss out on potential buyers. 
#4 "Coming Soon" Homes - Most active buyers are set up on a search that their agent has made specific to their wants. While this is supposed to streamline the search process, in a market with very little inventory, many buyers just want to see homes before they have any offers on the table! Following local agents on social media can help you discover homes that are coming soon to the market. Your agent will be able to reach out to them for information and get you in the house first.
#5 It is free! - Free to post, free to look at, free to share to friends, family, neighbourhood groups and even to marketplace pages! There is no limit to where one post can go and who can see it.
One of the best tips we can offer buyers is to set alerts on Instagram and Facebook for local real estate agents in your area. Any time they post, you will get a notification. You'll be able to see homes quickly and share them with your agent if you like them.
For sellers, our number one tip is to follow local real estate agents and see how they market homes. If there is a strategy you like, share it with your agent. If there is something you do not like, share it as well.

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