5 Projects To Tackle Before You Sell

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Projects To Tackle Before You Sell

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All home sellers have one thing in common; they want their homes to sell quickly and ideally above asking. In a seller’s market, upgrades or renovations may not seem as important, but regardless, there are some projects you should still tackle. After all, the goal right now is to get multiple, competitive offers! And the best way to do that is to position your house in the best light possible. Before you sell, make sure these five projects are completed.
#1 Wash The Windows
First impressions are still important even in a hot market. Windows are one of the few elements of your home potential buyers can see from the outside. Impress them before they even step foot in your house with polished windows.
You may need a power washer for the exterior windows. We highly recommend doing this as it will bring more natural light inside the house.
#2 Declutter
We’ll be the first to admit that decluttering is easier said than done. All you need is time and patience, which you might not exactly have. But it does pay out in the end. Buyers love going into bare homes because it allows them to visualize what their lives might be like in your home. A decluttered home sends the right message to buyers that you have taken care of your home over the years. If pictures of a cluttered home end up on MLS, buyers will be less inclined to visit. A messy house may suggest years of neglect.
#3 Minimize Pet Products
While it seems that everyone got a pet during the pandemic, that’s just not true. And while we would like to hope most people are pet people, the truth is a lot of people aren’t. If buyers walk through your home and they see hairy pet beds, litter boxes or pee pads, they might turn up their noses and leave. Speaking of noses, pets can leave smells that aren’t inviting to buyers. If you are selling a home with a pet, we’d recommend leaving your animal with a friend or family member during the sale period.
#4 Backyard Appeal
In 2020, we all learned to appreciate our outside spaces. Since then, a gorgeous outdoor area has become a must for buyers. A decluttered backyard with freshly mowed grass and a few flowers here and there can impress buyers. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we recommend spending a day de-weeding the lawn and trimming the trees.
#5 Add A Fresh Coat of Paint
This tip only pertains to rooms that have a unique colour palette or walls that haven’t been touched up in a long time. Painting is one of those tasks that most homeowners can accomplish in a week, depending on how many rooms need a touch-up. This certainly is the biggest project on this list, but it will speak volumes about the care of the home.
With limited inventory on the market, and homes being marked up significantly, you want to make sure your home is positioned to impress. It might take a few weeks to get ready, but when you start seeing multiple offers come in, you’ll know it was worth it. 

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