5 Pantry Organization Tips

By: Joshua Campbell

5 Pantry Organization Tips

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They say a de-cluttered space is a de-cluttered mind, especially in the kitchen where it can turn from to clean to chaotic in just a second. Though we don’t have the secret for finding your inner calm, we can help you make sure the kitchen stays an enjoyable place to be in – and this starts with your items. Often, our kitchen cupboards are filled with expired food, half-opened boxes and cans of beans we don’t eat. We have put together some simple solutions to help you keep stock of what you have and maintain that much-needed order.  

  1. Embrace Baskets: The tried and tested the best way to keep your pantry organized is by using baskets to group similar items together. For example, put all your spices, pasta and various baking supplies into baskets. Not only does this make taking things off shelves easier, but it also prohibits any spills from taking place. You can even take it to the next level by grabbing your label maker and adding labels to each basket.
  1. Keep It Consistent: Making your pantry look clean is very simple when you buy the same style of storage equipment. Having a coordinated set makes your kitchen look put together, tidy, and desirable. (This is a tip we use all the time when helping our clients sell their houses!)
  1. Check The Expiration Date: Take everything out of the pantry and check the expiration date. It might sound tedious but trust us, it’s worth it. There is no point in having expired or stale food take up cupboard space when you know you won’t use it anyways.
  1. Use Your Doors: Get creative with what you have! The inside of your pantry doors is a great place to store additional slender items. You might consider installing a rack for your spices, foils rolls or sandwich bags. You could also install little hooks to hold plastic bags and similar items.
  1. Control The Cans: Take stock of what canned goods you currently have. We are all guilty of going to the store and thinking we need another can of chicken noodle soup to find we already have 5. If you are looking to go overboard on the organization, you could add a checklist to your cabinets and mark off what items you’ve used. That way when you go shopping you know exactly what you do not have.

While organizing, you may start to realize you have a lot of unopened, non-perishable food you may not need. It’s been a hard year for many people and local food banks are always looking for donations. We are heading into the time of year where food banks need our help most and any extra non-expired food you come across will help! 
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