4 Ways To Make Your Small Master Bedroom Impress Buyers

By: Joshua Campbell

4 Ways To Make Your Small Master Bedroom Impress Buyers

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As potential buyers walk through your home, there are certain areas where they will pay particular attention and that can instantly break a deal.  The master bedroom is one of these spaces.  If the room is small, cramped, and cluttered, it will not provide the instant impression that you desperately desire.  Let’s take a look at just four ways that you can make your small master bedroom impress potential buyers.

The colour of paint you choose can drastically change the look of a space. Light coloured walls not only make the room appear bigger but brighter as well.  It also helps the room appear more peaceful and calming, which is what individuals need in this space.  Some of the most popular paint colours for master bedrooms include light blues, grays, tans and greens.  If you want a bold and bright colour in this room, use it as an accent colour like on pillows, fabrics or wall décor.  And try to stay away from dark and bold coloured walls that are black, dark blue, red, pink, etc. 

2. Only Include Essential Furniture


In small spaces, you want to eliminate any unnecessary items.  For example, if you have a nightstand that is rarely used, dressers that are just taking up space, etc., remove them before your showings.  Only include the essential furniture in the space.  Keep in mind, that this also includes your bedroom décor as well.  Do not fill the room with dozens of accessories and wall art. Keeping your décor simple is best for these small spaces.

3. Open the Windows


Get rid of those dark and thick window curtains.  The darkness makes the room feel more enclosed and much smaller.  Rather, during your showings, you want to let in as much natural sunlight as possible.  Open the windows and include very simple window treatments.  Also make sure both the interior and exterior windows are clean.

4. Add a Decorative Mirror

Placing a beautiful mirror on the wall is not only a fast and easy way to make a space look larger, but it also adds more light to the room as well. Choose a mirror with a decorative frame and that is the appropriate size for the wall you wish to hang it on.  If the mirror is too small, it will not do much good but if the mirror is too large, it will make the space look even smaller.
With a little bit of work, you can create the ultimate cozy, beautiful, and impressive master bedroom for all of your guests and potential buyers.
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