4 Upgrades To Improve The Value of Your Recreational Property

By: Joshua Campbell

4 Upgrades To Improve The Value of Your Recreational Property

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If you are thinking about selling your cabin, chalet, or cottage, you are also probably thinking of upgrading it to appeal to buyers. As you should be. If you have had one of these properties for a few years without undergoing any major renovations odds are there are areas on your property that need some TLC. Here are 4 upgrade ideas that will improve the value of your property and entice more interested buyers.

  1. Exterior Updates
When buyers purchase a cottage, cabin, or chalet they tend to do it slower and more thoroughly then they would when buying in the city or in suburban areas. Because of this, they insist on getting a well-done home inspection. When it comes to recreational properties, home inspectors don’t miss a thing. That being said, if your deck is rotting, your roof shingles are falling off, your septic system is old, or your windows need to be replaced prioritize these upgrades before anything else.
  1. Remove Your Carpets 
Older cottages that have not undergone renovations still tend to have carpet. The carpet is probably old and worn down. Homebuyers prefer and will pay more for hardwood, laminate or tile.
  1. Update Your Kitchen and Bathrooms
Kitchens and bathrooms are notoriously known for being the highest traffic areas of any house. This is no exception for your cottage, cabin or chalet. Therefore you need to renovate them before you list. Open concept kitchens and simple and modern bathrooms will be more appealing to more buyers.
  1. Landscape 

Curb appeal is what buyers notice before they step foot inside your home. For that reason, it is vital that your landscape is cleaned properly before you list it. Takedown unnecessary tress, prune back overgrown shrubs and make sure any views are not obstructed. If you are selling a property in the winter, make sure the snow has been plowed and the walkways salted.
By doing these 4 simple updates you will see more interested buyers and potentially a greater return in the sale of your property. Remember before you sell to look at your property through the eyes of a buyer and quickly spot any problem areas before showings start. We recommend you work with a qualified real estate agent who will be able to point out areas of your property with the highest potential for return. For information on how Knowledge Broker can help you sell your recreational home please click here
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