4 Things Everyone Forgets to Clean

By: Joshua Campbell

4 Things Everyone Forgets to Clean

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Don’t worry it is not just you.
When it comes to cleaning, there are a few places all homeowners often overlook. Each week we have the usual suspects on our chore list, like vacuuming the bedrooms, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms and washing the sheets. But there are some random little places we may have never thought to clean or haven’t thought about in months. Here is a shortlist of some of the things we all forget to clean.
#1 Can Opener
Seriously have you ever cleaned a can opener, and we aren’t including giving it a little rinse after use. Can openers collect an assortment of bacteria because they touch a variety of foods such as fish, beans, soups or fruits. After every use, you should clean it with hot water and dish soap, targeting the gears and cutting wheel. Then let it air dry with the handles open to prevent rust.
#2 Toaster or Toaster Oven Tray
If your family is constantly using the toaster or toaster oven, we’d recommend looking at the tray. These areas collect a lot of crumbs and other food particles after every use and could likely use a good clean.
#3 Clean Plant Leaves
The plant parents can skip to number #4 because you already know to do this. But for the regular plant owner, you might not realize how must dust your plants can collect on their leaves. Giving them a quick wipe down from time to time will also help them get more sunlight, aiding in photosynthesis.
#4 Light Bulbs
Have you ever replaced a light bulb and thought, “wow, this is dusty”? We have! A few years ago, we stumbled upon this hack and ever since, we’ve changed our cleaning ways. Light bulbs collect a lot of dust and are overlooked until they burn out. But throughout the year, and especially when it gets darker earlier, we’d recommend giving your light bulbs a quick dusting. You’d be surprised how much brighter your rooms will look after a quick cleaning.
Add these four things to your monthly to-do list and marvel at how clean your home can be! 

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