4 Staging To Do’s Before You List Your Cottage

By: Joshua Campbell

4 Staging To Do’s Before You List Your Cottage

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Whether you are moving into a new property or saying goodbye to an old one you should stage your cottage before you list. Much like a regular residential property, staging helps improve your listing and can raise your sale price up to 10%. Your future buyers might also buy some of your furniture. So, we recommend you show it off the best you can. Here are 5 staging tips to do before you list your cottage. 

  1. De-Clutter Everything 
It’s important to see your cottage through the eyes of the buyer. Every buyer wants to imagine the space as if it was their own. That’s why it is some important to de-clutter the area of any personal trinkets, photographs or anything out of the ordinary. Maybe you have some of the kids' artwork over the fireplace? Maybe exchange it for a painting of a loon. Make the space neutral and consistent throughout the cottage. 
  1. Maintain The Outdoor and Waterfront Area
If this is a seasonal property, buyers will want to know the outdoor space is accessible, pruned and ready to entertain. Make sure bushes and trees have been trimmed. Flower beds are tidy. And there is no debris lying around like an old boat that you meant to throw out but still haven’t. 
  1. Turn Your Kitchen And Dining Area Into An Entertaining Space 
Cottages are a great place to entertain family and friends. Therefore, you should showcase this aspect to your buyers. First clean all the surfaces and appliances, inside and out. Second, set the table as if the buyers are your company. Add flowers and a nice bottle of wine to seal the deal. It’s all about creating an illusion.  
  1. Make The Bathrooms and Bedrooms Fit For A Hotel  

As mentioned above some buyers will purchase some of your furniture to avoid the shipping and delivery hassle to remote locations. If you are looking to leave the beds behind style the bedrooms as if they were fit for a hotel. Minimize the amount of furniture in the room and leave books or magazines on the nightstand. In the bathroom hang clean towels and place a fresh bar of soap. Remember to remove all toothbrushes, shower bottles and toilet plungers. 
These are quick and easy tips to help you create the illusion of a spotless, timeless and buyer-friendly cottage. If you can go above and beyond talk your real estate agent about hiring a professional home stager to give you more ideas on how to highlight your cottage’s best features. 
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