4 Energy Rebates To Cash In On

By: Joshua Campbell

4 Energy Rebates To Cash In On

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It’s not surprising that the majority of us just shake our heads these days when we open up our hydro or gas bills.  The costs can be huge!  Any changes that you can make around your home to save energy are likely beneficial to your bottom line.  If you have a little money to invest in your home, whether you’re preparing to sell, or staying put, consider these energy efficiency upgrades that will save you in the long run AND hand you a tidy sum as a rebate!

  1. Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program
An Electric Vehicle is becoming a more common purchase among Canadians in the past couple of years…have you seen the price of gas lately?!? One of the purchases that go along with the vehicle, however, is the need for a home charger, the expense of having a licensed electrician install it AND have it ESA inspected. The Ontario government has an incentive program where you can receive up to $1000 to support home charging your vehicle.  $500 towards the purchase of an eligible charger and $500 towards the installation.  More information can be found about the program here:
  1.  Ontario’s Insulation Rebate by GreenON
Many contractors have been advertising this rebate recently as it is a big one!  If your home is 15 years old or more, you could really be losing heat!  However, if you are able to make this upgrade to your home, not only will you get back a great rebate, you will also be toasty warm all winter long!  Here’s the breakdown of the rebate which could get you back up to $7200:
AND get $100 for air sealing your home is completed in conjunction with the insulation rebate
*note: you must use a participating contractor.
For more information on this rebate, contact GreenON Support at 1-888-728-8444 or email info@GreenON.ca to get impartial answers to your windows, insulation or air sealing questions from our home energy experts.
  1.  $100 Off a Smart thermostat For Your Home
This rebate is given by Green Ontario Fund and Save On Energy.  By purchasing select models of the Ecobee or Nest thermostats, you can receive a $100 rebate. Once you have purchased the unit, connect it to Wi-Fi and register the unit with the manufacturer then submit your rebate application through their rebate portal.  If you’d like more information on this and to read the terms and conditions visit: 
  1.  GreenON Rebate for Air-Source Heat Pumps
To qualify for this rebate, your home must use electricity, propane or heating oil as the primary heat source.  Homes heated with natural gas are not eligible.  You can back up to $5,800 but need to work with a participating.  Here is a breakdown of what the rebate gives you depending on what kind of air system you have in your home:

For homes with existing ductwork:

 For homes without existing ductwork:

Contact GreenON Support at 1-888-728-8444 or email info@GreenON.ca to get impartial answers to your air-source heat pump questions from our energy experts.
So, if you’re looking to make a few home improvements this summer, keep these upgrades in mind!

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