4 Design Choices That Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

By: Joshua Campbell

4 Design Choices That Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

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Is your décor dictating your cleaning schedule? Have you grown tired of constantly dusting shelves and mopping floors because you can see every speck of dirt?
When designing a home, we often think about how the furniture will fit our style or what’s trending right now. Most people do not stop to think about what their home will be like to clean. Yet cleaning our homes is a part of our day-to-day life and one that we could be a little more mindful of when picking furniture or architectural designs. Here are a few choices you can select to make cleaning your home effortless. 
#1 Reach For Raised Furniture
Furniture that has elevated legs will make for quick cleaning. Sofas, dressers, side tables or chairs, are just some of the items you should reach for first. You could also look for cabinets you can attach directly to the wall! You’ll be able to vacuum around the room quickly and easily (or you could always buy a Roomba).  
#2 Go For Glossy Surfaces
Matte might be your style, but it could also be your worst enemy. If you have kids who like to get messy, avoid matte paint finishes. These wall finishes are virtually impossible to clean and easy to mark up. Smooth paint finishes like eggshell can easily wipe away dirt and grime.
#3 Skip Open Shelving
They might look elegant on Pinterest but in reality, open shelving is hard to manage! The higher your shelves get, the harder it will be for you to clean the dust. Especially in rooms like the kitchen, we’d suggest sticking with glass front cabinets.
#4 Don’t Remove All The Carpet Just Yet
Over the past couple of years, designers have urged homeowners to pull up their carpets and put down hardwood or tile flooring. But what designers seem to forget is how dusty and dirty these types of flooring can get. The carpet requires a quick vacuum and a deep cleaning every few years. Plus, the darker the carpet, the less dirt you’ll see and the higher the carpet pile, the less dirt you’ll feel.
Keep these four design choices in mind when decorating your house for a quicker and effortless clean. And for more cleaning tips, take a look at the rest of the Knowledge Broker Base Blog.

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