3 Ways To Help The Kids Cope With Moving

By: Joshua Campbell

3 Ways To Help The Kids Cope With Moving

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Moving isn’t easy for anyone.  In fact, it is likely something that is dreaded by nearly everyone.  Just thinking about the list of to-dos is anxiety-provoking.  There is the huge challenge of preparing your current home for selling and then the daunting task of looking at homes suitable to purchase.  There is also the process of arranging finances and documents for your new property - which is time-consuming and stressful – and before you know it, every member of the family is struggling.  Let’s figure out how to make it easier for all, especially the kids!

1. Take a Trip 

Not just anywhere . . . but to the location of your new home!  New locations and places are difficult for anyone to adjust to and are a big change.  Children, for example, maybe worried about where they will play or whether they will have someone in the neighbourhood who they can meet at the local playground.  While these are totally valid concerns, you can ease these issues for children (and adults!) by visiting the neighbourhood before moving.  Go for a walk in the local park, visit the playground, walk the streets or better yet, ask your Realtor for the best local hangouts and where to make yourself feel like you have been living there your whole life!? 

2. Tackle School

No doubt, a big cause of anxiety when it comes to moving to a new place, is school.  Understandably, children see this as a giant source of worry: “What about my friends?  How will I meet new people?  I don’t want to just be the new kid!” Here’s the easiest way to tackle the situation:
  1. Younger ChildrenVisit the school ahead of their first day.  Go to the school with your child and speak to the teacher, tour the facility, and see if your child has any questions.  Even consider heading outside and playing at the playground for a while.
  1. Older ChildrenIf your child is in their last year of school, it may be more difficult for them to make a transition, and chances are, they’ll put up a fight.  So, let them win!  Speak to the school, and if it is an option, have your child finish out their last year at the same school.  This will remove this stressful component of moving and make for an easier experience for everyone in the family.  Because we all know about teenage attitude . . .
3. Set the Scene 

Moving is not always by choice, and as adults, it is understandable for you to struggle as well.  Despite your stress, it is important for you to be a positive role model for your kids.  Approach the move with an optimistic attitude and focus on what there is to gain, instead of what is being lost or left behind.  

While moving may have its ups and downs, one thing you can handle with certainty is the process of selling your home.  Working with a qualified Realtor who is an expert in the field and can use their experience and expertise to help you navigate the real estate market is a great way to reduce the overall stress load when it comes to selling and moving. 
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