3 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

By: Joshua Campbell

3 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

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Have you started thinking about what your big plans for 2022 might be? Could one of them include a home remodel project? If so, before you start knocking down walls or scoping out contractors, you might want to start smaller. Here are a few simple projects that will add value to your home.

Number #1: Minor Kitchen Remodels
The kitchen is the heart of every home. In most real estate cases, it’s what sells a house! Touching up the kitchen even in a small way can add significant value to your home. Start with adding a backsplash, refinish your cabinets and update the lighting. Take it one step further by updating the appliances, faucets and fixtures.
Number #2: Bathroom Updates
Bathrooms get a lot of daily use and will need an update now and again. But don’t worry about tearing up the tile or ripping out the showers. Add small touches of value by freshening up the light fixtures, creating more storage and updating the faucets. If you have extra time and resources, update the vanity or toilet.
Number #3 Add Smart Tech
It’s 2022 - smart homes are the way of the future. Adding smart technology will be appealing to new buyers, make your home safer and add more convivence to your day-to-day routine. Consider adding a smart thermostat, smart security or smart lights. Next, consider smart appliances!
Many home improvements add value, and these are just some simple ones to get you started. If you are thinking of tackling larger projects this year, please let me know. I can get you in touch with the best people for the job. And if you are thinking about buying, selling or renting this year, let’s talk. I’d be happy to help. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon.
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