3 Things To Consider Before Listing Your Investment Property

By: Joshua Campbell

3 Things To Consider Before Listing Your Investment Property

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Selling an investment property is different than selling your primary residence. The added stress is that you might be trying to sell while the unit is occupied. The most important element of selling is to abide by your tenants’ rights. To ensure a smooth selling process we recommend informing your tenants of your decision before you list the property. You will need their help and cooperation to sell. These are three other very important things you need to consider before you list your investment property.  
#1 When Should You Sell 
Determining when to sell your property comes down to two major factors: when your tenants' lease ends and the current market. Both are aspects you need to discuss with your real estate agent. Especially if you are looking to buy a new property with the revenue you make off the current sale.  
#2 Marketing Your Property 
Talking with your real estate agent you must determine first who your buyer is. Are they another investor? Or are they buyers who intend to live in the space? It is important to decide as there are extra marketing tools you can use for each. For another investor, you can demonstrate how you currently have a tenant who is paying market rent. For a buyer who intends to live there, you will market the space as a home rather than an investment. 
Two other important elements of marketing the property are staging and photography. Both of these things will impact your current tenants. Workaround their schedule and get their support to maintain the space and look after extra decorations or furniture a stager adds. Hopefully, your tenant isn’t messy. But if they are you might need to ask them if you can send a cleaner in before the photographer arrives.  
#3 Signing New Leases 
If you are planning on selling it is very unwise to sign any new leases. Even if you intend to sell to another rental investor there is nothing to say they will want your current tenants. It is much easier to sell a property that has tenants on the way out or that is currently vacant. 
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