3 Simple Ways to Invest In Real Estate

By: Joshua Campbell

3 Simple Ways to Invest In Real Estate

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Investing in real estate is a safer and more rewarding venture than many other investments. Unlike stocks, real estate is more reliable and is easier to understand, even for the most armature investor. If you are new to real estate investing and want to know your opinions, here are three simple ways to enter the game.

  1. Become A Landlord
The easiest and most common way to invest in real estate is by becoming a landlord. The simple formula is you buy a property, you make improvements, you find qualified tenants, you rent it out. Simple! To get started you will need finance upfront that includes maintenance costs and covers any months the property is vacant. Before you jump into this venture is important to know what the duties of a landlord can be. You will be in charge of everything from repairs to tenant complaints. It is important you know exactly what this job entails.
  1. House Flipping
If you have experience in real estate evaluations, marketing, design and renovations this is the perfect opportunity for you. To succeed, you need to have access to funds and the ability to do or oversee all repairs and renovations. The goal for house flippers is to purchase a property and sell it within roughly six months for a profit. House flippers should work very closely with a real estate agent who can give them a month to month updates on the current market of their property. As a house flipper, you don’t want to invest in a flop.
  1. Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs)  

Perfect for the investor who has a financial cushion and who wants to own a rental property without the hassle of operating it. Real estate investment groups buy or build properties. They then allow investors to purchase part of the property, joining the investment group. An investor can buy into one or multiple units in the property, but the investment group manages all of the units, handles maintenance, markets the property, interview tenants and takes a percentage of the monthly rent. 
Each of these three ways requires knowledge. You should work with a real estate agent whom you trust and who can guide you through your first investment opportunity. For more information on how Knowledge Broker can help secure your financial future click here.
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