3 Reasons Now is the Right Time to Downsize Your Home

By: Joshua Campbell

3 Reasons Now is the Right Time to Downsize Your Home

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While some individuals are looking for larger and more spacious properties, some are thinking the opposite. In fact, there are many reasons that homeowners should downsize their current properties. Here are three benefits why now is the right time to downsize.

1. To Save Money 
If you are in a tight financial situation month after month or you wish to retire in the upcoming years, downsizing your home could make financial sense.  By downsizing, you would save hundreds of dollars every month through reduced energy and home maintenance costs.  This could then drastically help increase your retirement savings. If downsizing is in your future plans, sit down with a real estate agent to determine what your home is worth and what is available on the market to ensure it makes financial sense in your particular situation.

2. Too Much Maintenance

2. Too Much Maintenance  
Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. There are maintenance tasks that need to be constantly completed throughout your home. Having the time and mobility to maintain your home may not be easy. While you can always hire individuals to complete tasks around your home, this will cost you significantly in the long run and your home may still not receive the TLC that it needs. Downsizing will help reduce many of these necessary tasks and can help cut down maintenance costs. 

3. To Better Adapt to Your Lifestyle

3. To Better Adapt to Your Lifestyle
If your home has anything from stairs, tight hallways, or high cabinets; it can be challenging as you get older to move throughout your home. If you suffer from physical limitations or must use wheelchairs or walkers, it might be time to think about how your home can adapt to your current or future lifestyle.

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