2021 Paint Colour Trends

By: Joshua Campbell

2021 Paint Colour Trends

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“Out with the old, in with the new” is certainly the motto for 2021. After navigating our way through a year of uncertainty, it’s time we take on what this year has to bring in a big way. Knowing that we will still be spending most, if not all of our time at home, why not freshen our walls, doors and cupboards with a new splash of colour? Three of the largest paint companies in the world have released their top paint palette for 2021. Let’s take a closer look at Benjamin Moore, Behr and PPG’s top choices and what hues are our favourites.
Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is showcasing a 12-colour palette that varies in hues, warmth and a certain mood. Their number one colour of the year is Aegean Teal, a blend of blue-green and gray that is set to create natural harmony. Benjamin Moore is showcasing Aegean Teal across the household with placement on the front door, kitchen and side cupboards, adding a splash of colour even in hidden places. If something darker and cozier is more your taste, Benjamin also offers Silhouette and Amazon Soil. Silhouette is a perfect shade of gray that can turn any room into a luxurious space. Highly recommended for a bedroom or office that has plenty of light. Amazon Soil is a deep, beautiful shade of mauve that, even though dark, offers a sense of tranquillity.

In 2021, Behr is introducing 21 colours to “elevate your comfort zone” as they put it. These colours range from soft and serene to hopeful and welcoming. The colours have been divided into different categories to truly create an experience based on your mood. Details truly matter here, as you can create casual comforts, calm zones, subtle focus, or a quiet haven. Our personal favourites from the collection are the soothing blues Dayflower and Voyage, a pair that complement each other perfectly. And for something more playful and eclectic, we look to Saffron Strands and Kalahari Sunset. Both these colours work well in several rooms and will do well to warm up any household in even the coldest of seasons. 

The PPG palette, though smaller, packs quite a punch in their first-ever paint palette of the year. They are showcasing natural hues that are comforting, mindful and optimistic. The trio colour palette includes a warm beige, shaded ginger, and a splash of colour with Misty Aqua. The three colours balance and complement each other nicely with their earthy tones. They also work very well with other colours in the PPG collection and can, when used thoughtfully, evoke positive emotions throughout the house.
Serenity, peace and calm seem to be an overarching theme in each palette (maybe because that’s exactly what we crave after a rocky 2020!). Each company has taken the time to clearly identify colours that boost our positivity and attitude. It seems that it’s important when we look at colours to understand what emotions they trigger and how certain colours can help us. For more ideas and inspiration, we encourage you to look closely at each company’s website or contact your local paint store.

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