10 Small Condo Must-Haves

By: Joshua Campbell

10 Small Condo Must-Haves

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Comparing a condo to a house is like comparing an apple to a grape. The first thing you’ll notice is the size difference. If you are moving into a condo or downsizing to one, you will have to think carefully about furniture. You do not want your space to feel cramped, but you also want enough storage space, seating, and the things that matter to you. To help you think logically about your furniture needs, here are ten small condo must-haves.
#1 Folding Chairs
If entertaining friends and family are important to you, you need to be mindful of seating in a small place. Getting a massive couch for only occasional visitors won’t work day-to-day. Score some folding chairs that you can tuck away in a closet or store underneath your bed.
#2 Rolling Bins
Rollings bins are an excellent idea if you are tight for space but have room under bed frames, counters or shelves. Lie your towels, linens, or clothes flat and slide the bin underneath your furniture. Out of sight, out of mind.
#3 Kitchen Organizers
If you have space under the kitchen sink, use it to hang handy kitchen organizers like a trash can and a pot lid holder. These small things will help illuminate drawer jams and free up some kitchen space.
#4 Shelves Above Your Door
Do you have some extra space above the door? This is the perfect place to store your books, magazines, records or DVDs if you still have them. Make sure your shelves are a little wider than the items on them, so nothing falls off.
#5 Coffee Table With A Drawer
That space under your coffee table isn’t adding any function to your small space. Get a coffee table with a drawer underneath to easily store toys, books or other bits and bobs when you do not need them.
#6 Space Saving Hangers
Do you have an extensive wardrobe but limited closet space? Well, have no fear, space-saving hangers are here! These handy chains let you hang clothes vertically rather than horizontally.
#7 Mirror
Mirrors are great additions to condos as they make rooms feel more open than they are. Adding a big mirror to your entertaining area, hallway, and bedroom will make even small spaces grander.
#8 Convertible Bed
You need to make sure your space is functional when living with little ones in a condo. A convertible bed is a great way to maximize every inch of the room. Like bunk beds, these beds have somewhere for kids to sleep on top and a desk underneath.
#9 A Murphy Bed
Murphy beds have gotten an upgrade in the past few years, now doubling as a sofa or featuring shelves to add more décor during the entertaining hours. These types of beds are great if your bedroom doubles as your office or workout room and you need more space or if you live in a bachelor condo.
#10 A Half or Small Christmas Tree
If you celebrate Christmas, you know how big trees can get. Because your space will not fit a big pine, opt for a tree you can store easily. A half tree that sits up against the wall creates the perfect illusion of a big tree but just cut in half. Or you can opt for a small tree that sits on a coffee table.
You can make any small space functional with creativity and logic. Thing smart about your furniture purchases or what items you need. Think about how you can utilize every space between the ceiling to the floor. If you have any more questions about making your space functional and fun, please reach out to us.

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