SOLD For The Holidays

By: Joshua Campbell

SOLD For The Holidays

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Have you considered selling your home during the holidays? Here’s how to increase your chance of having s SOLD sign on the lawn this Christmas!
Any Realtor who’s worth their salt will tell you that strategy can be everything and competition can be a game changer.  During the holidays, there is generally less inventory for buyers to consider, so it’s a good time to showcase your property.  Buyers who are actively looking during the festive season are motivated…if they weren’t they’d be sipping egg-nog and online shopping!  Choose a Realtor who knows these facts and will market your property strategically for that special time of year.
Decorations? Yes, but don’t be a Clark Griswold!  Tasteful decorating that insight the feeling of warmth and hominess while still allowing your home to look as spacious and well laid out as possible is key. If you’ll be putting up a tree, make sure that the size of the tree is appropriate for the room size.  A tall tree is excellent for highlighting a lofty ceiling, but a wider base could take away floor space.  Exterior holiday lighting should be limited to string lights and spot lights that accentuate your home’s architecture.  Save the inflatable lawn ornaments for another time   
During the holidays, many of us re-arrange our furniture, accommodate Christmas trees, put the extra leaves in the dining room table and prepare for overnight company.  All this re-arranging can leave your home’s usual flow feeling a bit choppy.  Having a professional stager provide some tips on furniture placement could mean extra money in your pocket when your home shows like a dream!
Make sure that you are on top of the shoveling!  Even if you have a snow removal service, they can sometimes take several hours after a storm to get to your property.  Be sure your driveway, walkways and steps are cleared of snow and ice at all times.
Having your property priced right is important no matter the time of year and the holidays are certainly no exception!  Make sure you are priced to sell, as serious and motivated buyers will be active during this time. Plus, it’s better to be competitively priced now rather than going through incremental price reductions later during the competitive spring market.
Remember, the faster you’re sold, the faster you can put Aunt Mildred’s five foot tall rug-hooked Santa back up on the wall…haha.
Then….Let it sell, let it sell, let it sell...
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